Welcome to my website.  This page is designed to give you an insight into part of my life, and what I believe in.  I was born in 1963 in East Kilbride, Scotland.  When I was fifteen years old my family and I moved to the Isle of Sheppey in Kent.  In 1988 I married my fiancé, Nicole.  We have four children, James, Nick, Grace and Peter and we live in Fort William in the beautiful Scottish Highlands.  I am part of the worship group at our local Church, and I have sung and played at different venues in the town and further a-field along with other Christian musicians.

My family and I have been blessed by the Lord’s hand of provision and goodness in our lives.  We have witnessed God’s healing and restoration, and testify that He is a great God, wonderful Saviour, and faithful Friend to us.

My conversion goes back to 1987, when the Lord broke into my life in the most powerful and wonderful way.  He used my wife (my girl friend at the time) to tell me about this wonderful Saviour Jesus.  At the time I was very resistant, but she and others kept praying for me.  I will never forget the day when I was driving on my own in my car listening to a preacher on a Christian radio station, he was simply talking about Jesus being the real meaning of life, and the reason why He came to the earth to take the punishment for our sins.  As I listened to this preacher I felt like he was speaking to me personally.  God was simply using him as an instrument to convey His love for me through His gospel message.  As I continued to listen to this preacher, a joy and excitement came over me as I believed and received what he was saying.  For all the years I thought I was a Christian, I thought I was going to heaven if I died.  I believed God existed, but I never knew Him personally, I knew “of Him”, but I did not “know Him”.  This was the day I became a Christian, when the Holy Spirit came into my heart and made His home there.  I will never forget that moment when I talked to God as I have never done before.  The joy I experienced was indescribable.  I have never been the same since, and I will never be the same again.  Praise God!!  Before, I had a sense of humour, now I have a great clean sense of humour, and I enjoy life like never before.  My life now has a whole new meaning, and I see life from a different prospective.  Five months after my conversion I married my lovely wife Nicole, who came all the way over from the USA to marry me.

During my years as a Christian I have been involved in church leadership (for 9 years) which involved preaching, teaching and pastoral work.  I started leading worship very soon after I became a Christian and have been involved in the praise band at each and every church I have been part of to this day.  Music has always played a great part in my life and I believe God gifted me with the ability to write songs at a very young age.  I remember when I was about six years old I would have melodies and music playing in my head bursting to get out.  My parents bought me my first guitar at the age of twelve, and I really enjoyed learning to play it.  My song writing started soon after I became a Christian, and it has continued since then, even though there have been years in between when I have not written anything.  Time must be put aside for song writing.  I like to get alone with God and write what is on my heart, and I desire to do this more and more.

I pray that you will be blessed as you listen to the songs on this website.  If you are a Christian, I pray that you will be brought closer to your heavenly Father as He reminds you just how much He loves you, and wants to make you more like Jesus.  If you are not a Christian, my prayer for you is that you will discover the depth of Jesus’ love for you and come to know Him as your Lord and Saviour.  Your life will take on a whole new purpose and direction as a child of God.   Please click here if you are willing to take this step and would like to accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour.  It would be the best thing that could ever happen to you in your entire life.

Blessings to you

Jim Shepherd